Director Kiran Ahuja’s first note to employees

This note was sent to OPM employees after Director Ahuja’s oath of office ceremony this morning.

It’s been a whirlwind of a past few months since President Biden took his oath of office on January 20. Today, I’m thrilled and honored to be sending this message to you, but most of all, I’m humbled to have this opportunity to work on behalf of all federal workers.

So first, some thank yous. Thank you to Kathy McGettigan, who stepped up to serve once again as Acting Director and successfully guided OPM through this transition. President Biden knew that at this critical moment for OPM, there was no better person to step in and lead this agency through an undeniably difficult transition. We’re indebted to you for your steady leadership.

And thank you to all of you. You’ve faithfully carried on your service in the midst of unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic. I am grateful to you for your efforts.

We all know that the work done at OPM is vital. It’s why I led the Agency Review Team for OPM during the presidential transition and why I wanted to return after my previous time spent here. You are building, strengthening, and supporting the world’s best workforce. I truly believe that. Every single person at OPM is helping to recruit, retain, and honor the workforce that’s landing rovers on Mars, fighting climate change and cancer, and building this country back better.

That’s a tall order, and it’s not easy. It’s no secret that OPM has faced serious challenges. Through it all, you’ve stood by this agency, and now I’m excited to stand with you as we press forward into a new chapter of OPM history. I’m confident we’ll come out stronger on the other side and are well-positioned for our next chapter as an agency.

The last year has highlighted to the American people what you know well — the federal government has a unique role to play in solving some of our nation’s biggest challenges. At the heart of the federal government are people, whom we serve every day at OPM.

I had the pleasure of working at OPM in the past, but know much has changed and I have a lot to learn. From shaping how and where we work in the future, to taking steps to ensure everyone is safe while working during this pandemic, and discussing how we rebuild our federal workforce, there’s no shortage of work to be done. To that end, I want to be sure I’m hearing from OPM’s greatest asset — its people.

Over the coming weeks I look forward to meeting with you all, in settings large and small, formal and informal, to learn more about the work you’re doing and listen to how you think the agency can best fulfill its mission going forward.

And when the opportunity arises, I hope you’ll join me and share a bit of your insights and perspectives to help shape OPM’s work in the future.

Thanks for all you’ve done already, and thank you in advance for everything we’re going to do together.

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U.S. Office of Personnel Management

U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Recruiting, retaining, and honoring the workforce that’s landing rovers on Mars, fighting climate change and cancer, and building this country back better.